Statistical software for teaching: relevant & appropriate

Stewart AndrewsStudents need to have a good grounding in statistics given how important it is many disciplines — scientific or otherwise. But it isn’t just the statistics that is important, it’s statistical software. Computer hardware and software developments together with the accessibility of data have accelerated the need for students to understand how their learning is used in the real world. It isn’t just a formula, it’s used by many through the world in their everyday life. In order to equip our young people with life skills we should be teaching them, not just the basics of statistics, but teaching them with tools they will encounter later in life.

By using a software system that is and always has been designed by everyday users of statistical analysis, we can show students the relevance of their learning. GenStat for Teaching is a menu driven, world class statistics system used by statisticians, scientists and researchers across the world.

Stewart Andrews will be attending ICOTS8 – 8th International Conference on Teaching Statistics.


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