VSNi launch GenStat 11th Edition

We are delighted to announce the worldwide release of GenStat 11th edition, which marks a significant step in VSNi’s on-going commitment to supporting the next generation of scientists across the world.

GenStat has long been the choice of bioscientists throughout the world. Now with increased statistical and mathematical modelling capabilities following the inclusion of the NAG routines, GenStat once again proves itself to be at the forefront of statistical computing.

New statistical facilities include canonical correspondence analysis, factor analysis and a new design algorithm to form optimal factorial and fractional designs. Existing facilities have been extended too, for example to provide multinomial regression, robust variogram estimates and least significant differences between REML means.

For the full list of the new features go here.

Good statistical practice

GenStat is proud of its unrivalled reputation among users and competitors alike for ‘promoting good statistical practice’. Roger Payne, Chief Technical Officer of VSNi explains:

“One of the guiding principles behind GenStat’s development from its conception has always been careful consideration for scientific validity. GenStat’s history and pedigree provides users with the security of knowing that the results from GenStat analysis are founded on sound statistical principles. GenStat’s intelligent and well-planned menu system and comprehensive suite of diagnostic messages work together to guide users to the most correct and appropriate analyses for their data. In short, you can use GenStat with complete confidence.”

The dedicated tool for bioscientists

GenStat’s credentials as the data analysis tool for bioscientists are impressive. First developed in the late 1960’s to solve real life bioscience issues at the Rothamsted Experimental Station, (regarded as the birthplace of modern statistics), GenStat was a groundbreaking achievement in its time, being by most accounts, the first statistical software tool to be developed. Today, GenStat, as well as being one of the most powerful statistical software packages available, continues to be the only data analysis software developed by bioscientists for the bioscience sector. The evidence is clear: the language and documentation in GenStat is written from a bioscience perspective. The results are displayed in precisely the ways required by bioscientists, in fact the data analysis techniques within GenStat including ANOVA, generalized linear models and REML are not just those needed and used by bioscientists today, they were created by the Rothamsted and VSN statisticians.

To download a trial copy or to obtain your upgrade of GenStat go here.


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