Webstore information

License scope

Floating/Network License

A floating, or concurrent license, is one that is installed on a network server. Floating licenses allow VSNi software to be used on any networked machine in your organisation, up to a pre-defined number of concurrent sessions.

Node-locked/Single PC License

A node-locked license is one that is locked to a specific machine.

License category


Only available to degree granting bodies for faculty, research, teaching and student use.


Only available to not for profit research organisations and registered charities.


All other business categories, including governmental research organisations undertaking consultancy.


License duration

Annual Rental

Annual Rental licenses are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Licenses will expire after a year and will need to be renewed each year, if needed.

Year end

The licence expires at the end of the year. This is typical for all Discovery licences.  Reminders to renew are sent out via email in November.

Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance is on an annual basis and runs for 1 year from the date the software is purchased. The support and maintenance contract will need to be renewed with the software. VSNi try to encourage users to purchase the support and maintenance contract as it offers many benefits including:

  • Upgrades to new editions within the support period
  • Replacement license keys within the support period
  • 1 additional license key for home or laptop use, within the support period
  • Technical support and advise from the developers of GenStat within the support period


VAT applies if:

  • Your organisation is within the UK
  • Your organisation is within the EU and does not have a VAT number
  • You are a private individual from within the EU
  • You are registering for a conference / course to be delivered within the UK

Otherwise VAT will be removed once you enter your organisation details as part of the payment process.