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CycDesigN is a computer package for the generation of optimal or near-optimal experimental designs.  It comprises three modules:

1. CycDesigN provides a comprehensive design generation module for experimenters; particularly those involved in plant breeding, horticulture, agriculture, forestry and market research and for all field, glasshouse and laboratory trials.

2. CycXover provides a wide choice of designs for experiments that involve sequences of treatments (such as stimuli, diets or drugs) applied to subjects over successive time periods.  Known as crossover (or changeover) experiments, they are used in such areas as clinical trials, sensory perception experiments, psychological testing and dietary experiments.

3. CycAnalysis  allows you to tailor your output from a CycDesigN or CycXOver session into a form ready for analysis. It also gives you the option to generate GenStat code for the analysis of the design you have chosen.